Latest Technology for Sparkling, Smear- free Windows

At Simon Marston Window Cleaning we use the latest “Pure Water Fed Pole System” for cleaning windows up high. Tap water is run through a resin-bed filter and a carbon filter to remove harsh minerals and dirt deposits from the water to provide a crystal-clear finish to your windows.




The “Pure Water-Fed Pole System” means:

No extension Ladders

because we can reach up to 4 stories with our Water-Fed Pole. This eliminates all safety concerns.


Environmentally friendly

because chemical use is minimal. 



because no longer will you have a window cleaner peering through  your window while cleaning it.


Cost savings

because The Water-Fed Pole System is quicker and easier, we save time and you save money. 


Call Simon Marston Window Cleaning today for a free quote and then see the difference for yourself!